Sweetness In A Sweater

I don’t normally dress up my animals – maybe the occasional bunny ears or reindeer antlers – but when Bailey came to live with us, she was so underweight and it was so cold, I went to Goodwill and bought her a small woman’s sweatshirt, cut the arms off and voilà she was warm when she was outside.

Enter little Scout (who btw now weighs 21 lbs). She started sitting at the backdoor, shivering miserably every morning while I took care of the ducks, so I decided it was time to do something about it. Last night we went to Goodwill again and I found two toddler sweaters for the extravagant total of $1.50.  This is the first one. She’ll outgrow it in a week, the next one is a size bigger.

And yes, I think she looks adorable. She’s not thrilled about it, but she also didn’t sit at the door, instead followed me around while I did the morning “duck chores”.



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