I baked an actual cake a few days ago.  Box mix and canned icing so not a feat of kitchen prowess by any means but tasty, nonetheless.  We sectioned it into serving sized portions and froze them on a tray overnight,  They fit nicely into a plastic bag; returned to the freezer they’ll keep well enough to last until we eat them all up – pulling a piece or two per day to thaw for a snack while watching The Crown on Netflix.Mrs J hurt her foot so I’ve taken on much of the cat feeding.  The cats seem not to have shifted their loyalty my way by much although Ollie will follow me downstairs when it’s dinner time.Cornbread!  I have a 10″ skillet I use every time for this, and it is very good for baked beans, also.  It fits into the toaster oven with the door closed.  I like to fry a couple of slices of bacon in it, removing the bacon to chop for the cornbread, and pouring the batter into the hot grease to sizzle while the oven heats.  That crisp bottom is tasty!This is an explanation for my choice of “Picnicking Birds” as the title for the pictorial series I have been running.  Too much cheese?  The debate rages on!This is basically the same breakfast, sans bun and cheese.  That’s a garlic sausage we buy from a local meat processor that is pretty good.  Homie is the only kitteh that still wants to chase the “red bug”, but he is almost always crowded out by Gabe.  Gabe is the only dog we’ve had that even notices the bug, let alone chase it.  I buried a trial run of sauteed potatoes and carrots under this pile of steamed veggies.  I think I can do what I want to do but it will take another try or two – stay tuned!



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