Spaghetti and meatballs with some Parmesan grated on the top.  I wish I had some parsley to garnish this with.  I usually keep a bunch in the fridge in the winter when my patio garden is dead, but the selection at the store was sad.Meatball sammiches are a required follow-on because reasons.  I couldn’t even find a green olive but I made do.I almost went with the Hungarian mushroom soup again but thought to try another recipe.  This one from Serious Eats works well.  The “quick and easy” caught my eye.  I didn’t blend this one as thoroughly as the one the pictured on their site.  This one is about a half recipe.I dumped it into this pot to use the stick blender, hoping to confine the splash.Really missing the sprig of greenery, again.  Paprika seemed a good garnish but it’s not quite enough.  Pretend the saltines are sliced of crusty sourdough.It fell to me to make the banana muffins this time.  I used four bananas because they were small.  These have the Martha Stewart crumb topping.  They don’t have blueberries in them because I forgot.Tacos!  I had a couple of poblanos on hand so I charred them over the big burner on the stove to make removing the skins easy.  The tacos have roasted chicken, the roasted poblanos, refried beans, cabbage, red onions, green bell peppers, sour cream, and queso fresco.Sloppy joes.  American cheese goes well on these, as does the giardiniera.I’m gonna tell you again, sous vide for steaks is the way to go.  It may be good for other stuff, too.I’ll leave off with this curly dog.  That’s what a local diner used to call their hot dogs when they were cut like so…  Elsie’s BBQ was a fixture where I was growing up.  Long gone now, the building has gone through several changes and is now a meat counter/deli with a few tables.