Scout At 12 Weeks

Unbelievably, Scout is 12 weeks old.  As a comparison, here is Bixby at week 12.  Scout is a slender 25.6 lbs.  Bixby was a very solid 30 lbs. She’s not that far behind him, but I swear where he was all muscle and chest, she’s all leg and a skinny-minnie.

She’s really come into her own. She trots around the house (sounding nothing like a puppy and more like a herd of Danes, with those big feet of hers) confident of wherever she is going. We are, knock-on-wood, fully potty trained, with just a few incidents when she waits too long to ask to go out. And very close to ringing the bell.

She LOVES to be outside and will stay outside even when Bixby has come back in. She finds a spot in the sun, grabs a stick and happily lays around watching her ducks. She has learned not to chase the ducks, BUT, she often walks over to them and sniffs around them – looking at me like, “what, I’m not bothering them, I’m just over here sniffing stuff” – definitely pushing the limits wherever she can.

She has come to realize that the front of the house is much different than her backyard and if she can go out the front door, adventures await. When we go out the front yard, we walk on our leash or go in the car to fun places. I will often find her perched on the couch, looking out, waiting for her next adventure.

Leash training is going well, but we are limited because our vet came down with the flu and 12 week shots have been delayed. So we are content with walking around our block.

She is a good girl.

She Sleeps



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    • They seem to have adjusted…although egg production has been wacky the last few weeks. Usually, 1 each every morning, like clockwork. Now one will lay and the other won’t for a few days.


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