Critter Cam

Bobcat!  We’ve seen this one several times on one camera or another.  I’ve never seen it in person but Mrs J came up on one and it scared her and the dog, both.A healthy and happy looking coyote.  Lots of these around, much more so than the ‘cats.

I’m pleased with the newer trail cameras we have out.  This location seems to be productive, the other new camera is mounted on the picnic table overlooking the feeder.


3 thoughts on “Critter Cam

  1. I noticed the other day what fine definition the picnic table camera was getting and wanted to comment but there were no comments turned on. Glad to be able to say so now, the trail camera also seems to have high resolution. Amazing tech toys and thanks for sharing.

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Judy! I notice that a “bare” photo with no accompanying verbiage is treated differently by WordPress and doesn’t offer a comment link, but if you click on the title it will take you to where you can post a comment.

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