Signs Of Spring

I’m happy to report that it looks like Spring is winding its way to us, despite a forecast for 2 to 6 inches of snow on Monday.

This Siberian Iris managed to survive the purge – I pulled out the overbearing flower bed by the front door and planted grass and added flower pots. This hardy guy defied the odds, popped up in the new grass and is here to stay.

My two Pussy Willows are doing great – I planted them at the beginning of fall and they are starting to bud. I have always loved them and they are huge bee magnets.

Tomorrow I’m going to continue cleaning out the front bed and trim up all the roses. I’m also thinking of bringing in a few forsythia branches to force. Meanwhile I’m planning out the rest of my spring clean-up and laying out the vegetable garden in my head.

There will be a puppy update later tonight…with bonus ducks. Until then…