It’s a pulled pork sammich with a load of slaw.  I may call it a “Shaggy Dog”.  I added a bunch of hot sauce in lieu of my regular BBQ sauce.  I think it worked pretty well.I was all set, I thought, to assemble a classic porchetta but when I looked for the pork tenderloin to wrap inside the pork belly I came up short:I went ahead with it, anyway.  It’s a bit more pancetta-ish.  It crisps up nicely in the frying pan.  There’s a load of fennel and garlic for the seasonings.  It cooked in a convection oven set at 450 for 20 minutes and then turned down to 250 to finish.  I didn’t time it but it was in there a couple of additional hours.  You want to reach an internal temp of 140 or so.We have been  making a series of visits to a doctor in a town north of us a ways, it’s about an hour trip each way.  We try to time the appointments so that Mrs J walks out of the office just in time for lunch.  We are both fans of a Chinese buffet next to a big Kroger store about five minutes away from the Dr’s office.They have the usual stuff you expect to see in such places.  Today I saw something different that called for a trial run:They billed this thing as a Chinese Taco.  I had to bring one back to the table.I’m pretty sure the meat is pork, and there are minced peppers and onions in it, along with cheese.  The filling was OK – it would have been good in an egg roll or dumpling but the shell was an unfortunate choice.  It didn’t seem to be a tortilla, nor was it an egg roll wrap.  I suspect it might be made from dumpling dough.