Bixby and Scout: Puppy is 5 Months

These guys. Love them. We traveled, by car, for 8 hours each way last weekend. They were amazing. And sweet as can be as guests.

Scout is five months and just about out of her 20″ collar. So deceptive because she’s so lanky and her neck long and graceful. She had her first nail trim and was very good. I haven’t gotten a good weight on her since she outgrew the scale here. We’ll get her out to the pet store this week and see how big is big.

This guy. We have our moments – he hates to be told what to do – but he’s a big love and wins over everyone he meets. Can’t believe he’s going to be four in June.

See that look, that says, “I’m contemplating trouble and mischief”, but who could be mad…

More photos…

She never lets him alone and he’s fine with that, always up for a good game of whatever she’s thought of  – tug, chase, jump all over the big guy.

She’s taking up more than her fair share of the couch!

And finally, the ever shrinking bear.

If you need a refresher, here are all her photos, growing before my eyes.  Click here.

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