Crockpot Italian Beef

Kroger had a bin full of chuck roasts on sale the other day so I grabbed one, it weighed in at just over five pounds.  They also had a rack of pickled pepperoncini right there, anticipating this post I’m sure.  I love how easy these slo-cooker recipes are, just plop in everything and let time work for you.  I always add the juice from the jar of peppers, a few of the peppers, a lot of garlic (fresh and granulated), dried basil, oregano, and thyme, granulated onion, chopped sweet onions, bay leaves, ground black pepper, salt, worcestershire sauce, chicken and/or beef stock, maybe a little soy sauce, a little steak sauce, and whatever else that may work.Several hours later the chunk of beef is tender enough to chop and shred.  It’s easiest to process the meat if it’s removed to another bowl or cutting board but it can be done in situ.  You will need some rolls.  These are from my go-to recipe for buns and rolls and such from the King Arthur Flour folks.  I let my bread machine make the dough and then form it into appropriate shapes.  I let the loaves rise again for 30 minutes while the oven heats to 375.  My convection oven takes about 15 minutes, tuning them when half way done.  I’ve just brushed these with melted butter.  Brush them when they go into the oven and again when they come out.


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