These popped up in the yard the other day, I got photos today.  It seems that this is a toxic mushroom although with proper preparation it can be eaten.  Not sure it would interest zombies however much it looks like brains.It finally dried up enough to to some mowing a few days ago.  I’ve been overseeding quite a bit these last few weeks.  I scattered a couple hundred pounds of various seed mixtures, trying to go heavier on those spots that most need it but I have covered nearly the entire lawn.The crabapples and the flowering peaches are not at peak, a few more days should see some serious pretty.It’s still early but nearly everything is in bud.  The pond willows are showing traces of green.Lunch will be sloppy joes.  I’d better run out to see how Mrs J is doing with her containers.She’s coming right along.  We have scads of empty containers of all sizes and she will have most of them full of flowers before long.  I need to head into town later today or tomorrow to get mower fuel, and I suspect more potting soil.  I’ve made a start on my own container garden:Still on the lookout for the odd herb to add but I am more interested in pepper plants.  My bell peppers have been busts for the last few years and I have a mind to bring them into the patio garden where I can keep a better eye on them.