Ice Cream Stuffed Donut

Now that I have your attention.

Sorry to be MIA for so long. I do have garden photos, animal updates and hey, even a couple of recipes lined up. But I’m not sure I’ll have time to post them this weekend.

I am in the last stages of editing a novel that (fingers-crossed) should be published in June. I’ll let you know more details as it gets closer.

Then on top of that I had a little minor oral surgery this week to remove a fractured tooth and repair a bit of bone damage. Not as scary as it sounds – just the remnants of an old car accident that needed to be addressed. But it did throw my week  a curve ball…my to-do list was a fractured as my jaw. LOL

Now about that donut…

I had seen a recipe for ice cream stuffed donuts and I thought, wow, that sounds awesome, so I set about recreating it. The recipe, of course, included making your own donuts – yeah, right, like I have time for that. I’m surprised it didn’t also say the ice cream had to be homemade, too.

So I purchased the best quality donuts I could find and my favorite vanilla ice cream (Blue Bell) and put it together. The idea is to take a warm donut and hard frozen ice cream and combine them. You slice the donut, warm it in the oven or microwave (warm, not hot), add ice cream to one half, top, drizzle a bit of chocolate syrup and top with fruit (I chose raspberries).

And let me tell you….it was AWFUL.

I know it sounds like it should be good, but the problem is the texture. Donuts are basically sugar and fat held together with a bit of flour. Ice cream is basically fat. So when you combine the two, you lose what makes each of them so very good. The creamy fat texture overwhelms any flavor. Instead of enhancing both the donut and the ice cream, it diminishes both. YMMV

I wouldn’t do it again. As a matter of fact, I had bought six donuts to practice with, and I ate the other five plain. Much better.

That’s it for now. I will be sending the book back to the editor by the end of the weekend and while she has it, maybe we can catch up. Until then…