Veggie Garden and Flowers

I’m heading out to plant peppers. I already have the tomatoes and potatoes in:

The tomatoes are well protected from the chill (we’ve had snow and frost since I planted them):

I don’t quite have enough water walls for the peppers, but 2-liter bottles and gallon milk cartons will work as well, just not as photogenic. I also have hoops so I can cover all the beds as needed. I have a bunch of veggie seeds, too, but I’m not in the mood to plant this weekend. Got a full schedule already, so I’ll do that this week sometime – pretty easy when the beds are all nicely prepped.

I have been enjoying the hard work of the previous owner. This is just the early showing of tulips, they became more showy as the weeks went on.

The rock garden is looking terrific:

This was a few weeks ago – a lot of late spring flowers are just about ready to bloom, so I’ll update next week.

I can’t wait to show off the roses in the rose garden. I moved 19 roses, mostly from the backyard (to save them from the dogs) into the front garden bed. Seventeen survived and are thriving – probably because I’ve given them space and fresh soil. They were in a mass of planting originally  – so much so that as I was removing a lot of the invasive plants, I was finding roses completely hidden and dwarfed.

Okay, off to do gardening chores…