Blueberry Garden

We’ve been looking at renovating this spot for a while now.  We put it in with a field stone and rubble stone border, using what material came to hand from nearby.  It encompasses the power pole and its guy wire, we put it in when we were mowing with a tractor mounted finish mower and it was tough to maneuver the ungainly thing under that taut guy.  The zero turn mowers these days handle such tasks with aplomb.Railroad ties are not the best option but they are relatively cheap and easy to place.  Before placing the fabric we tilled the dirt and added many bags of organic material, and scattered some granules of something to lower the pH for the blueberries.They make big staples to hold the fabric in place, a few of the creek rocks from the old edge helped out.We had a couple of stout lads to do the hard work.  I was worn out just watching them.MrsJ helped out with the watching part.  We decided to go with pine needles to cover the fabric, the pine trees in the background shed plenty enough for this small area.Not quit finished – the stakes are holding the ties in alignment until I can get to the hardware store for an auger bit to drill them so I can drive pieces of 1/2″ rebar through and into the ground.  About 2 per tie should be enough to keep them in place if I should accidentally nudge them with the mower.  Going to be much easier to weed wack than the stone edge, too.