We put the finishing touches to the blueberry garden – drilled the ties with an auger bit and pinned them in place with rebar driven through the holes and into the ground.Roasting poblanos on the burner is not as elegant as a purpose built pepper roaster but it works well enough.  I used these in a batch of baked beans:Along with the roasted peppers there are several sweet onions.  I always start with Bush’s Original Recipe and add additional types, pintos and black beans in this one.They are a perfect side to go with nearly anything.  No two batches are ever identical but they all are so similar the differences are trivial.I wish I had run across some poblano seedlings but I won’t be short of garden peppers.  These are “Gypsy” peppers.They seem to be much like the familiar banana peppers.  They may be a banana X bell pepper cross.These are Anheims, they will turn red as they ripen but are most often used when still green.  I have a few bell peppers coming on, and the usual complement of hot peppers.Loaded chili dogs!  These have chopped onion and fresh jalapenos, and pickled jalapeno slices.


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