Cookies!  Brownies!  Mrs J baked these up while I was busy mowing.That leftover penne Bolognese made a super nice lunch for us the other day.Procrustean chair.  Cats manage to fit in most anywhere, Ginger Boy is comfy without the need for adjustments.I felt the need for a cheeseburger so these happened.  King Arthur recipe makes beautiful buns, It says so right there in the name!I get comments like “how can you even eat that tall thing?’ and I say it’s easy enough for even beginning eaters!Just mash that bad boy right on down to fit.  Procrustean maw!  LOLI made a pie the other day but it really wasn’t too good.  The crust wasn’t right and Mrs J said it needed more tomatoes and cheese, and she wanted sauce on her pizzas, dammit!Ribs are good anytime.  These were slow cooked in the oven.  Kroger was running a buy one get one free on ribs so I snagged some.The walk is big enough for both of them.  Gabe was seen chasing Ginger a little earlier but they seem to have reconciled.


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