Pepper Jelly

A thunderstorm blew through yesterday and took out an Anaheim pepper bush, blew it right off the bench.  I dithered about how to use the peppers, first slicing them on a mandoline with a  vague notion of incorporating them into the next batch of slaw.After looking at the bowl full of slices for a few minutes I decided to go the pepper jelly route.  The food processor quickly reduced the slices to a fine mince for the recipe.  I’m more a fan of red pepper jelly but green will have to do.  I added a few green habaneros to spice it up a bit.



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  1. Hello. I enjoyed the pictures of your pepper jelly. in which I have never had? What do you serve this with/on?

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  2. It goes great with breakfast sammiches – sausage biscuits and the like.


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