Cooking? In this heat?  I did toast the bread a little.  I always make too much tuna salad because we really like it and it makes for fast lunches.This is a random hummer shot I took through the kitchen window while trying to get a decent video to turn into a GIF for the Twitters.Beans and franks,  I always make too many baked beans.  I mixed the last few of the latest batch with a can of Wolf chili for these so that I could call them chili dogs but now you know the rest of the story.I could put the pickles on the burger but it wouldn’t be as pretty a picture.I did say I always make too much tuna salad.  I toasted the bread lightly to disguise that it was a tad stale.Breakfast for dinner.  I just love the frozen shredded potatoes they sell now, they make fantastic hash browns – just remember to use butter and olive oil.  I smeared a bit of that pepper jelly on a piece of toast.  It goes most excellently with this meal.