Garlic Pepper Sausage

This is my taste test patty for a batch of southern style sausage.  I’m fond of garlic and pepper in my sausage and so this recipe caught my eye the other day.  The recipe is for 1 lb of pork but it scaled easily for the shoulder I had.  It uses 1/2 as much beef as it does pork, I had a frozen piece of beef that looked right.I ended up with about 13 pounds total.  I didn’t add cayenne, did add chopped chives, and went heavy on the black pepper and garlic.  I ignored the recipe’s measure for salt and just added it in at the recommended 11/2% to 2% rate.  13 lbs = 5.9kg, call it 6, at 20g/kg I wanted 120g.  Those digital kitchen scales are handy.  I’ll let it sit the night in the fridge, give it another mixy-mix tomorrow and then break it out into 1 lb packages

How did it taste?  Very good, very good indeed!