Doin’ Peppers

My banana peppers are doing very well.  Mrs J likes them for pizza toppings.  I did a refrigerator pickle recipe for these.  It’s sweet and not a bit hot.  They’ll be ready for action in a week or two.I have enough ripe serranos to make a batch of hot giardiniera, I like the color they impart.  I’m picking green bells, Anaheims, green jalapenos, and other varieties that look right.  There’s a big yellow onion in the mix.They’ll soak in brine overnight then they get rinsed off and drained.  Tomorrow I’ll mix in the vinegar and oil, oregano, salad olives and such other items that sound good.  If you clicked the link you know that there are scads of recipes – I pick and choose the ingredients that work for me.  Your fave recipe will surely be different from mine.