These are tabasco peppers, of Tabasco Sauce fame.  I like how they seem to grow upside down.  I’m not sure how to use them, guessing that I’ll pickle them whole for another giardiniera or something.Made another batch of pepper jelly from all the red ripe peppers we had.  Mostly these were Anaheims, but I added several ripe serranos, jalapenos, some red bell peppers, and a habanero for a little extra heat.  They haven’t set up quite enough to suit me but they may, in time.Here’s an Instapot success story:  I bought some beef shanks a while back, thinking that they would make a nice au jus.  I used them that way but I had one leftover that took up freezer space so I took it out.  Chopped some onions, celery, potatoes, and carrots and put them into the pot.  Added a can of beef broth, some red wine, thyme, rosemary and sage from the garden, and laid the still frozen shank on top.  There’s a soup button on the control panel, I pushed it and walked away.  After a while it was done – I pulled the power cord and let it sit until it it unsealed.  The shank needed to be chopped and the marrow bone removed, I also pulled the herb bundle and thickened the soup with corn starch.  It was delicious!  Yay Instapot!Here are some of those red serranos, with a few banana peppers peeking through.We grow habaneros because they are so pretty, there is no way we will use them all.My banana peppers put out a nice crop, the stems were heavy and drooping so I tried to prop them upright.  Alas, all I accomplished was to break the branches off.  I sliced the peppers and added then to the big jar of peppers rings I have going, on the bottom so they would be the last eaten.Tired of chili yet?  We took the last of the chili and made chili cheeseburger fries.Yes, there is a cheeseburger in there!