Yeah. No.

That video I put up yesterday?  The one that said we were doing it wrong?  Ah, no.

You can take the lid off this way but there is no advantage other than producing a lid with a nice rim on it.  I guess you could stick on a felt pad and make trivets of them.  It leaves a sharp edge on the can itself so it isn’t an addition to safety.  On balance, it’s a minus – take it off the regular way and you can drop the lind into the can so the sharp edge is hidden.  On the gripping hand, the sharp edge makes the can into a pretty nice biscuit cutter!


One thought on “Yeah. No.

  1. I tried it, too. I got a thin slice of paper label in my can. There are can openers designed to open this way and they don’t leave a sharp edge, but the same can’t be said for a regular opener. Like you, I’ll stick with the old way. But a fun experiment.

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