We canned a lot of tomatoes last year, and the year before.  I opened a quart of what was labeled soup but found it to be just tomato sauce.  It did give me a chance to doctor it up:  Coriander, cloves, curry powder, onion powder, garlic, dried chopped onion, salt and pepper and stuff that I will remember after I click publish.We spatchcocked a chicken and roasted it with potatoes so the spuds would gain flavor from the chicken juices.  It worked very well.  The sprouts cooked in a separate pan with some of the chicken grease that was spooned out the pan.Here’s some of that smoked pork, sauced in the pan as it warmed.  I almost went with dill pickles but those pickled jalapenos caught my eye whilst I rummaged about in the fridge.I’ve declared the curly parsley to be a caterpillar sanctuary.  I think I can see eight nine of them in this shot.  Click to embiggen if you want to take that as a counting challenge.Kroger sent a coupon for a package of either sausage patties or links for free on account of us being loyal customers.  This is a good play for them, they know I can’t leave with just that free sausage.They were right – I picked up several ribeyes while there.  I was so excited to find an open checkout lane I forgot to tender my sausage coupon.  They really know me well, it seems.Just some ramen soup, leftover broth from the other day with more noodles added.  Soup and sammy is the go-to quick lunch around here.


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  1. I did enlarge the photo and I think I found nine. Did you count the one in the very bottom left of the shot? Now off to scrounge up some lunch after seeing all of the delicious food here.

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    • Yes! I recounted them and got to nine after I published, I went to the edit page and looked for a strike though button and didn’t see one. My html-fu is not good. strike
      [ETA that worked!]


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