Because of course we finished the chili off by adding some elbow mac.  These elbows have ridges!  I’m not sure if there is an Italian term for them.Ribeye steak pr0n!  Sous vide then seared in butter.  I think I let this side go too long in the hot skillet.The shot makes it look like Ollie is complaining that garden cat isn’t listening, so we’ll go with that.The Tabasco peppers are still looking pretty.  Excellent ornamentals even if you aren’t looking for a pepper to make sauce with.Our kittehs are not crazy for boxes like some you see on Youtube but they will try them on for size.Random bun bake,  We needed some for that last batch of smoked pork.  They freeze well so we try to keep some around to thaw as required.We are OK with kittehs on the table so long as they behave.  Draw the line at dogs up there, if Gabe so much as look like he is interested in something up there he is reminded of our policy.  Katie, of course, is a perfect lady and wouldn’t dream of it.We got some wind last night as the remnants of Gordon made way up the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys.  It blew over a pepper plant and broke the main stem.  We got 3-1/2 inches of rain along with the gusts.  Good time to make a big batch of that stuffed pepper soup.Miss Bea, in a familiar pose under the thyme.  The rosemary just behind her bloomed this year, I don’t think we’ve seen those flowering before:I’ll finish with some breakfast pr0n:


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