Instapot Roast

I found a rib roast in the big basement freezer and decided to do an Instant Pot thing,  I wanted a lot of gravy so I went with a two staged approach.  The first run was the roast plus a ton of celery, onions, and carrots.  The carrots and celery were a sacrifice for the eventual gravy – they were going to be discarded.  Also in the pot was beef stock, red wine, sherry, and a bundle of herbs from the patio garden.  I gave it 55 minutes at high and that worked for the three pound roast.

Included in the second run were fresh carrots and potatoes.  I added some dried seasonings and a ladle of the gravy from the first pot.  I really don’t remember the time but it was around 11 minutes.  Could have stood another minute.  Your times will vary, I had 5 smallish red potatoes and about 5 skinny carrots.

Tomorrow – beef stew!