Instapot OxTail

I’m in the midst of clearing out some long-time freezer cruft and found a few ox tails that were vacuum sealed.  “Let’s see what  the pressure cooker will do with these” was my first thought.  Added carrots, celery, onions, and scallions and placed the frozen ox tails on that bed.  I also had some white wine that was past its prime but would work.  Various herbs from the bench garden and a can of beef broth went in, then the cooker was set for an hour on high.  The veggies were for the gravy and were discarded.

I went ahead and steamed some fresh carrots and potato chunks.

When the pressure was off the pot I cooled the oxtails and pulled the meat off them, not much there, and thickened the sauce.  Finally, the meat and veggies ware combined and rewarmed in the gravy.  Served with hot rolls.  Nom nom!