One thing I’ve discovered when I had ducks the first time – wildlife seems to think your yard is the safe place to hang out. Even with the big dogs.

This morning, a very young squirrel was walking around the garden, and I tried to shoo her away. She jumps on the fence, scurries over to me until we are eye to eye. She sits up with hands folded. Then I get the head tilt.

I call Bixby, who was eating breakfast, so his selective hearing kicks in.

Meanwhile, Squirrel is looking at me like I am clearly the bringer of food. I shake my head, tell her to go eat some of the abundance of grapes littering my yard.

We go about this for a few moments. Then she scurries along her way.

Speaking of wildlife – we had a pretty bad run-in with three raccoons the other night. They were in the duck yard about 10:30 pm. I had gone out to put the ducks to bed, and Scout tore out the door barking her head off. She cornered them, they growled. I separated them and tried to shoo the coons out. They growled at me, then jumped the fence.

I put the ducks to bed and blocked their door, knowing the latches would be no problem for the trash pandas.

Those idiots came back three times, and Scout just as ferociously chased them back over the fence. They have not been back since.  But I did contact animal control because we have never had any so aggressive before and rabies is running through my part of the state right now. They gave me a few tips – but I believe it was the grapes enticing them – so I’ll be fixing that issue.

Meanwhile, Scout is on patrol.

If you’re wondering where Bixby was – he stood guard. I think he was letting Scout have her fun, but he’d back her up if needed. He was very alert, but calm, allowing her strut her stuff.