Butter Chicken

I’ve seen this dish mentioned all over but have never  had or made any.  Of course, we didn’t have one of the main ingredients, garam masala.But I did have all of the stuff this recipe mentions.  I had to run the spice mill for the coriander and cardamom.  I’m the last person to opine on Indian cookery but the way I take it is that there is no one recipe for the spice blend.  Lots of regional and individual preferences, I didn’t do a deep dive into it.
The allrecipe folks had a butter chicken recipe, too.  I kept fairly close to it but subbed sauce and tomato bits for the puree. I did the chicken, using both breast and thigh, in batches.  Here the chicken has browned and is cooking down in a good splash of the tomato mixture.  I added the browned and sauced chicken to the simmering pot, covered it, and started some rice in the cooker.It simmered for about an hour, the recipe mentions cornstarch to thicken but I didn’t think I needed any.This cried out for naan, I made tortillas do.  This is an easy and delicious dish.