A Hot Mess

We watched a Diners & Dives video that had this as a best seller for the restaurant they were visiting.  They named their version “The Hot Mess” – it’s a loaded sweet potato.  My version uses a pat of butter, shredded cheeses, smoked pork, a creamy sauce of sour cream mixed with chipotle chili powder, and bacon.

It’s really delicious.  Bake the potato, then slit the top and peel the skin back, fluff the insides, and then layer in whatever you think would work well for your own taste.  In the episode we watched they made theirs with smoked brisket.  They also used jumbo sweet potatoes that I can’t find locally, although today the greengrocer lady gave me a wink and slipped me two that were destined for their restaurant customers.  They were not as large as those on that show but they are respectable.  We will use them before they grow roots, maybe next week with different stuffings.  Hot ham, maybe?

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