Meet Gabe

After brainstorming with a few dozen people online last night, I’ve settled on Gabe (Gabriel Miles Evan) as his name. While I was traveling in Boston last week, I spent some of the rainy afternoons looking at my local shelters online.  My thought was, I had four cats for thirteen years and just three for the last five and I was used to multiples. Three feels comfortable.  So with Jake gone, it seemed the right thing to do would be to give another shelter cat a home.

Here he is protesting the baby gate. He wants to meet everyone

My goal was to bring home either the oldest cat in the shelter or the one who had been there the longest, or both. And it had to be male because Emma is not tolerant of other females – she adores Bixby, but only tolerates Scout. I had picked out a few, but much to my happiness, they were all adopted by the time I got home.

Most of the local shelters were down to just a handful of males that were basically new arrivals. So I expanded my search to the next county over. Which is where I spotted this guy. For reasons I cannot understand, he was their longest resident at almost three months.

Gabe settled right in

He’s about two, so much younger than I was looking for. When I asked about him, they told me he was owner surrender because he was soiling outside the litter box. He was unneutered and had an infection, so once the shelter addressed those two issues, he’s been fine ever since. I’ll have to keep an eye out for crystals, but we can handle that.

Waiting for staff to return with our paperwork

I asked if they thought the history of soiling outside the box was why he was having trouble being adopted. They said it was more likely because he was “standoff-ish” and “slow to warm up” and often ignored people during the meet and greet.

I only tell you this because when I sat in the meet and greet room with LFern (who I invited along to stop me from doing anything rash, like bringing home 5 homeless pets), Gabe jumped out his crate, jumped in my lap and looked me in the eye. Then he walked over me to do the same to LFern. Once he had us assessed, he came back to me and settled into my lap.  There he pretty much stayed while I filled out all the paperwork.

Meanwhile, word traveled that “kitty who couldn’t get adopted” had found his forever home. Volunteers and staff stopped by to say, “yay,” and also to express disbelief as he snuggled in my lap. To a person, they all said they’d never seen him do that.

I guess he was just waiting for me. Jake must have told him I was coming.

He has settled in beautifully. He’s really not content to hang in his room. He escaped a few times to explore and right now he’s under my bed…right across from Emma and they are quietly sizing each other up. He seems to respect her “authoritah” and that’s all she requires.

Zander is going to take some time. But he loves everyone, so he’ll come around. It took him a solid week to come out and investigate Scout.

Gabe adores Bixby – it was love at first sight. Can’t wait to see how that develops. Scout is still a little too unpredictable, so that will take some time.  For now, whenever I hang out with him in his room, he crawls into my lap. Which is great, because I have not had a lap kitty for several decades – all mine are sit next to my shoulder or sit beside me on the couch or sprawl across the keyboard kitties.

Here are bonus other kitties!

This is actually unusual. It was a couple days after Jake left us. I think Emma was comforting Zander, she doesn’t normally snuggle with him.


4 thoughts on “Meet Gabe

  1. Tamara, he is so lovely, and his beautiful little soul shines through those sweet eyes.

    The best pets I have ever had have been ones who were considered “hard to place”: a Collie who had been injured and abused and then dumped on a city street; an older mother /daughter kitty duo too bonded to be separated; a collie mix who had been thrown out of a moving car and had an unsaveable broken leg; a Maine Coon mix who had been dumped in an alley by college students at the end of the school year and left to starve; a frightened 5 year old kitty who had been the victim of a horrifying “kitten mill” type situation.

    Each and every one of those beautiful sweethearts changed my life for the better, and bloomed the minute that they knew that they were loved.

    Thank you, thank you for being such a remarkable pet Mom. I truly believe that the ones that need us, and who we need, are sent to us.

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  2. I am happy for you both. It i always best when they choose us.
    Story time.
    I had to go to the shelter once to retrieve Squidgy Q Pussycat who had wandered down to the road and was taken in by a passing motorist. He was having a sad when I got there but began body slamming the glass as soon as he saw me.
    The rightfully suspicious person filling out the paperwork at the desk asked how I could prove I was not trying to burgle the cutest kitten in the world since he had no chip. The cattery attendant interrupted us, laughing, to say that the screaming and body slamming the glass was sufficient evidence of our relationship.


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