Gabe And Crew Settling In


Last night I put all the cat stuff back where it belongs, showed Gabe where the litterbox really is and let him roam the night. About 3 am, I woke to a heaviness on my chest – it was Gabe, all snuggled down.

He stayed there for a while, then went to explore the sleeping dogs (he’s so amazing) and then snuggled right into the spot Jake used to sleep (in case there was any doubt Jake sent him to us).

This morning, he hung out there and went nose to nose with Bixby (the gentlest giant ever) and briefly with Scout (who restrained herself mightily). Bixby is working his magic, making Gabe feel safe and giving him tons of confidence – because how could you not feel confident after going nose to nose with the beast and living to tell the tale.

Zander is our only holdout.