The Crew Checks In

Cool Gabe is making lots of progress. He’s now wandering the entire house and has joined us on the couch. As long as Scout isn’t too rowdy, he’s happy to spend time with the dogs. He and Bixby are everything right now. Gabe just loves him. I believe he thinks Bixby is his spirit animal.

Emma is resigned to another subject to reign over. She is after all the Queen of Everything.

Zander is coming around. Or at least he will.

I started Bixby (and Emma) on CBD oil this week after extensive research. I am pleased with how much an improvement I’ve seen in both of them. Bixby is almost back to his old self.

Scout turns one tomorrow. She’s just an awesome, sweet, rambunctious girl who has topped 105 lbs and is almost as tall as Bixby. She has really come into her own.