I smoked a pork shoulder last week.  You can get a lot of tacos from a block of meat this size.  This one spent around 26 hours in my little electric smoker.  I’m using peach wood these days because I have a lot of it and it works fine.We hit the Tex-Mex pretty hard this week.  I made the pork and the pico – the rest was store bought.Let them eat cake! Always popular around here. We also made another one with cream cheese icing and froze them both before cutting them into portions and bagging them.I’m not sure which I prefer – enchiladas or tacos. I guess my favorite is whichever I’m eating at the time you ask.  These were stuffed with the pork, cheese, and beans, and cooked in tomatillo salsa and drizzled with Mexican crema.  It’s more creme fraiche than sour cream.It’s calendar time over at Balloon Juice. I’ve been stalking the critters trying to get a decent shot.  I think this one of Homer will do.I’ve been using corn tortillas for the tacos lately, but I really like the taste of the flour types when they have been lightly fried.  Those are the wedges on the plate.If you don’t fry them crisp they are fine for making mini-tacos. There’s that smoked pork, looking good on there with cheese and pico.Kroger had pork tenderloins on sale for half off so I grabbed the biggest one. I cut off a thick slice and stuffed it with cornbread stuffing. The idea of it was fine but my execution was lacking. I think I’ll do the sous vide thing on the next one, and make the slit and stuff it for the searing after it’s cooked in the water bath. This one was a tad tough.