It’s leftovers week!  Yay!  I like to nosh on leftovers more than the big meal on the actual holiday, so I make plenty.  This is turkey noodle stew, I guess, it’s too thick for soup.  Made from leftover stock and a few of those odd root veggies that made up the bed for the turkey.  Rutabagas!  Parsnips!  Carrots!Here’s the first of those traditional post-Thanksgiving sammiches.  This one has dressing, the white meat from the breast, a smear of honey cinnamon sweet potatoes, cranberry relish, and gravy for lube. The back of the sofa is a favorite spot for the feline overlords.  Toby, left, is our oldest, ollie is one of the new boys.Deer sign!  Area bucks often return to the same tree when they need to rub the velvet from their antlers.  I think that the larger bucks choose larger trees.  They really are hard on newly planted trees unless you take measures to prevent easy access.  A rub is not the same thing as a scrape, a scrape being a spot on the ground that has has leaves and stuff scraped off.  It’s a place for bucks to leave their calling cards.This isn’t anything other than a picture I took because of the play of sunlight from a window.  I bought a box of mushrooms thinking to add them to the dressing and then didn’t.  I thought I had better use them for something so I made mushroom gravy and put it back for later.Nothing to do with Thanksgiving leftovers but I had this bread I made that was going stale.Turkey, dressing, bean casserole, and gravy.Not a turkey taco.  This one is from leftover pork adovada so it does fit into the leftover theme.  And if I squint I can make those chips out to be leftovers because the bag was already open.