Soup ‘n Sammy ‘n Stuff

 I wanted pasta yesterday so I went to make a meat sauce.  I opened a quart jar of what might have been tomato sauce – the lid wasn’t marked but it was either tomato soup or plain tomato sauce.  It turned out to be soup so it was put aside and I opened another jar.  My meat sauce used Italian sausage and hamburger with all the usual extras:  Lots of onions, a big sweet onion, a medium sized yellow onion, various dried herbs, onion and garlic granules, plus salt and pepper to taste. Used some of it for the spaghetti and made a lasagna with all but a dab of the remainder.I’d druther it were grilled cheese but we had a last bit of tuna salad we needed to finish.  I make my tomato soup with cloves and allspice and Chinese five spice along with grated carrot and onion so the flavor profile is not suited for an Italian style pasta dish but the half cup of my pasta sauce that was leftover worked great in the soup.  I will probably make a full-on tomato soup with a good bit of Italian sausage in it one of these days because I think that will work.