Duck Confit

I’ve been dry brining these pieces  in kosher salt that has been mashed about with juniper berries.  My mortar & pestle-fu is weak.I had this much duck fat rendered, from this duck, not quite enough so I added some lard to cover.While the duck was brining seemed a good time to make stock from the carcass.  I ended up with about four cups of that good stock, the kind the jiggles in the bowl after it has chilled overnight.  The duck has been in a 200 oven for about four hours.  I’ll cover this with foil and set it outside to cool.  The bones are not pulling away with a gentle tug but the meat pierced through easily.  Last time I did this the meat fell off when I tried to lift it out by the leg bone.  There will be a thin layer of gelatinized duck broth under the fat, it should peel right off tomorrow.I will admit to nibbling on those duck cracklings but most of those go to the dogs as kibble sweetener.  We are managing to stay fueled.  There’s leftover pot pie yet, a bit of it anyway.  Pictured are a pair of pulled pork sliders with slaw and a nice habanero/citrus sauce from the Caribbean.Bonus kitteh pic!  Young Ollie is bookended by Bea, on the left, and Toby.