Gadget Post – Delonghi Electric Skillet

We are getting ready for a kitchen remodel, it’ll be a while yet.  The contractor hasn’t said for sure when it will start but the cabinets and counters and such are just now being ordered.  I hear February from the design consultant but those dates are always qualified with an “if”.   “If we start the first week of February…”
Anyway, we are tooling up for a few weeks cooking and eating in the basement. I went looking for our electric skillet and came up empty. We have had some recent fits of de-junking and that skillet may have fallen victim.   I can’t imagine what we were thinking.So, we bought this one.  We seared a couple of pork tenderloin medallions, browned an onion, and cooked it down slowly in a can of mushroom soup mixed with the last of the duck broth.  It took an hour and a half to two hours.   I tossed potatoes in there with enough time to cook throughThe skillet worked just about like expected. The glass lid is nice though I may miss the high domed aluminum cover the old pan sported.