It’s A Good Day For Soup

We may get some significant  snow overnight.  Three inches or more is in the forecast.  The temps are key, it isn’t going to be all that cold and the precip might turn to rain.  I went ahead and salted the walks, just in case.This is an Instapot potato soup, three fair sized russet potatoes, a big sweet onion, plus stock and the usual seasonings.
I pushed the soup button and left to go to the store for half and half and bread and had to fight my way through Kroger’s.  To their credit, they had all hands on deck and we checked out without a long wait.
The soup was long done when we returned – I used a potato masher to break the soup down and whisked in a couple of beaten eggs after tempering them with some of the hot soup. I had bought a dozen eggs with the milk and bread and the carton that held those last two was taking up space I needed for them.  The eggs seemed to thicken the soup pretty well, not that the starchy potatoes needed much help.