Gadget Post: Hybrid Plug-In

You may or may not remember, this was my car. And despite that photo, Bixby fit well. And Scout, too. Though it was getting a little crowded on longer trips.

For various reason, though I really enjoyed my Kia Soul, I wanted to look at trading it in while it still had value. And I really, really wanted a hybrid (I’d have preferred an EV, but they don’t have the distance I would need for my sole vehicle).

Boy, was I happy when I found a hybrid/plug-in SUV: 

The KIA Niro gets between 105-107 mpg. It charges overnight on a simple household outlet. And best of all, it fits two Great Danes easily. 🙂  Incentives, rebates, and a great trade-in made it more than affordable.

Now on to recipe news. Despite my best efforts, I am not able to blog much these days. But I want to keep thing hopping here. So, I’m going to reblog some menus from back in our very, very early days. Updating the recipes as needed. I hope you’ll enjoy that.

Okay, me and pups are off on our first adventure…