I Think They Want Hot Cocoa

It’s difficult to get a good photo of their cuteness, because they tend to turn away from the camera. That was the case here. They were at the door, peering in as I fixed their breakfast. But as soon as I went to photograph them, away they went.

I did manage to get a closeup though. I cannot tell you how adorable I find it that they await their meal as I get breakfast and dinner together for the furry critters. They HAVE food in their dish all day, but they expect to participate in the mealtime ritual, regardless.


2 thoughts on “I Think They Want Hot Cocoa

    • It took them a while to decide they even liked me. Now they follow me around the yard, miss me when I’m away (though they seem to like the petsitter well enough from the photos he sends me) and are good at asking for what they need. I’m glad they’re happy, because they make me laugh almost every day.


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