Roughing It

We have a full, open plan basement and have taken over a corner of it for eating and cooking. We have  the stuff that came out of the kitchen scattered all over. Some is in the garage but all of the pantry items and most of the utensils and small appliances are down here.
We made sure to hook up the TV so we could watch videos. I have a beef roast in the crockpot, going with the potatoes and carrots instead of the Italian beef option. We’ll have sammiches for lunch.

4 thoughts on “Roughing It

  1. Do you have a sink of some kind down there for washing up? I want to do a remodel myself but lack a good washing up option. May need to add a sink in the garage by the washing machine to accommodate. Enjoying seeing how you are coping, thanks for sharing.

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      • Sadly I lack a handyman to help, but I have seen prefab all-in-one laundry sinks for sale at Costco. There is already plumbing in place from a sink that had been removed so hopefully that will reduce the cost of hiring a plumber to do the installation. Mostly I am hesitant to get started because of the disruption a kitchen remodel will cause. I have six cats who do not appreciate strangers or loud noises. Luckily they can go outside but I know they will be upset none the less. Look forward to seeing the progress in Illinois.

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