Meet Baby

It’s been a whirlwind 24 hours. A friend of a friend found this Great Dane wandering around her neighborhood yesterday afternoon. It’s been in the minus degrees for the past two nights. He’s completely emaciated, with lots of sores on his legs and hips.  I doubt he would have made it another night if she hadn’t found him.

A mad scramble to see if he was chipped and to find him a foster home instead of the shelter and he ended up with me.

He’ll be here until he’s healed up and put on some weight.  I’m going to tell you, whoever had him, had him in a crate that was too small and he was in the crate for too long.  I have put the more disturbing photos below the fold. 

He’ll have a complete vet workup next week. Someone has kindly offered to pay his vet bills, which might be quite a bit, depending on his condition. And Scout’s breeder is evaluating adoption applications. He has a good team on his side.

Meanwhile, he’s being spoiled with rice, chicken, salmon, eggs and lots of love from Bixby and Scout. I’m calling him Baby, figuring that’s an easy switch over when he’s adopted to a new home. He has some cat issues, so we’ll see if we can work on that – but that may be for his forever home. As far as I can tell, he’s had no training at all, so we are working on basics, like come and sit.

Despite his condition, he is the sweetest, outgoing, kindest puppy. No fear, no reflexive pulling away. When he went after Zander, I yelled stop and no, total reflex, not thinking I’d startle him. He was completely fine. Looked at me like, what?

Right now, he’s sleeping soundly in the kitchen after eating two small meals and doing his business. A few more meals tonight and I’ll feel better. He’ll have to have a bath later tonight and with his cat issues, he’ll probably have to sleep in the bathroom.

But he seems relaxed and feels safe. A good start.