Baby Day 2: We Made It Through The Night

A couple of small meals, a bath and some play time with his new buds and we went to bed exhausted. 

A few things are clear – while physically neglected, it doesn’t seem like Baby was abused. Just neglected. He has none of the characteristics of a dog who has been yelled at or hit. He’s not really a house dog – he follows my pups lead on outside bathroom manners, but he’d be just as happy to do his business wherever.

I’ve caught him trying to mark his territory a couple of times, stopped him and redirected him outside. He looks confused when I stop him.

Ducks are going to be an issue I’m not ready to tackle yet. Like when  Scout first arrived, the duck yard is accessible to him, so skinny he can get through the slats.

Last night we were all settled, Baby in the bathroom with a baby gate (he doesn’t want to be separated, understandably) when I heard him panting and whining.  I assumed he needed to go outside. But no, Gabe was lying outside the baby gate, staring at him.

This morning I did cat introductions. He’s curious and I don’t doubt he’d chase them again, but he’s not aggressive toward them, so making progress. My cats are so used to Great Danes they just roll their eyes, give him a half-hearted hiss and go about their business.

After two small meals this morning, he’s sleeping peacefully (though it’s clear he’s very achy, even with meds, which makes him a bit growly) and he’ll get another small meal in a couple of hours.