Baby Day 4: Blossoming

This is a big deal. He didn’t even know what a toy was and I gave him the platypus first day as a comfort thing. He ignored it.  Tonight he realized it was something he could chew and snuggle with. That created another problem – my pups are used to playing tug with them, so he thought Scout was trying to take it away from him. So we had some lessons here – Scout had to learn that Baby growling means he wants space and Baby and I worked with the toy – taking it away, having him sit, giving it back, rinse, repeat.

We’ve had quite the weekend. It’s become clear Baby has not really been a house dog. So we are working on the basics –  potty training, house rules, socializing. He’s a sponge and learning quickly. He still has some issues, but with how quickly he’s come in four days, I can’t imagine there isn’t a challenge he can’t overcome.

Yes, he’s wearing Scout’s old tag because I didn’t want him without identification

Six small meals a day, making them larger today and tomorrow has eased much of his anxiety and started to fill him out. If he can handle it, I’ll move him to three meals Wednesday. He’s still happy to hang with Bixby and Scout, but the cats are still a huge issue. I think he’s smart enough to work on that in his forever home. But for us, I just keep them separate.

Snuggling with his “new” toy

For all his neglect, he seems to be emotionally stable. He knocked over my floor lamp and shattered the glass shade. He didn’t flinch or crouch at the noise or when I grabbed him and moved him quickly out of the glass. Nothing I would expect if someone had hit him or yelled at him abusively.

What really has me stumped is the fact he knows sit, shake and walks well on a leash. How did he go from that to so horribly neglected? I can’t think too much on what his past looked like, because then I can’t breathe, instead, I just focus on making sure he is healing and ready for a forever home. And that gets me through the dark thoughts.

I love watching him blossom.