The contractor had to take the flooring off down to a bare minimum because the fellow who built the house framed it atop what was a basement house with a flat roof.  Tar paper!  Hot mopped tar!  Thankfully, he did that over a sheet of plastic so it came off without a struggle.  The plywood is the last (first) layer – it’s what is visible from the basement.They went back with 3/4 OSB.  The plumber has made a visit and roughed-in the sink and ran the water for the ice maker in the new fridge – that’s the small box on the same wall.  The new dishwasher will locate between the sink and fridge.  The stove will be against the far wall, the window on that wall will move to the right a few feet. The electric skillet will be working hard for the duration.  Here I am sweating down onions and peppers for sloppy joes.I made a lot because everyone likes them and they are pretty easy to make a meal out of.We always light the TV to provide background noise for the meal.Mrs J reclining on the sofa with 4 of the six cats.  Missing are Bitsy and Homer.  Gabe is present but Ginger Boy is in his usual spot at Mrs J’s feet.  Katie is in her safe room.I made soup from the crockpot beef by adding frozen mixed veggies and more broth.  I have already generated enough leftovers to feed us for the duration… but where’s the fun in that?These are a sort of open faced taco.  Pulled pork with onions and peppers with an egg piled on corn tortillas.I loaded the plate with refries and guac with a few nacho chips and poured on some tomato salsa and hot sauce.