There won’t be any serious cooking for the duration, here’s a couple of smoked pork tacos while we wait for the kitchen emergency to abate.They say sharks never sleep.  Ha!  Mrs J had our Shark on the sofa where she could get good light so that she could snip all the tightly wound threads and fibers off the roller/beater brush.Kroger sells never frozen pizzas in their deli.  I have to trim the sides a bit to fit them into the toaster oven.  They’re no too bad.  I, of course, add to them.  This one has extra ham, pepperoni, cheese, garlic, and oregano.  The toaster does OK but the pies need to turn at least once.Bitsy has a drinking problem.She is pretty sure she likes pizza but isn’t equipped to eat a slice on her own.  I tore off a tiny bite and she managed that but decided to look elsewhere for her dinner.We still have plenty of sloppy joe.  I made a few sloppy sliders and topped them with giardiniera.The drywall peeps have returned to tape and put a first coat of mud on the sheet rock.  There is much more light in the room that it appears in this shot, the camera’s auto function was fooled by the bright light.