Instapot Corned Beef

Instapot is a misspelling but I don’t care, that’s how it should be spelled.  I’ve been using Google Assistant quite a lot lately.  It recognizes voice well enough to do a recipe search.

You have to cook the meat separately from the veggies.  I set the time for 80 minutes, plopped in the brisket with the supplied seasonings, added a couple of cups of chicken broth, and touched it off.  I went off to mess about in the shop and came back around a half hour after it timed off.  Put the corned beef in a warmer, strain the broth and clean to crud from the pot.  I went with 2 cabbage quarters, 4 smallish potatoes, a big onion, and several nice big carrots – add back the broth, set it for 4 minutes, and hit start.

If you keep the strained broth hot the pot will come up to pressure quicker.  I let mine cool while I chopped the veggies, should have returned it to the pot and set it to saute.  I was late for lunch so I manually let off the steam using a long fork.  The veggies were perfect.

We have a TV setup where we can watch videos of the food tourist guy while we are down there for meals.  On the screen at the time I snapped the photo is an array of Bengali home cooking.  He was visiting a fellow foodie at his home with several relatives combining to produce quite the spread.


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