Stuffing Shelves and Shells

This will be the island when the top is installed, it has 4 roll-out bin plus the 4 drawers at the top.  The other side is not as deep and has fixed shelves 12 inches deep.We have 2 of these tall pantry cabinets.  They are floor to ceiling with 4 of the roll-out bins per each and a large fixed  shelf.  An upright freezer will occupy the corner where the ladder and vac are stored.Some more storage adjacent to the stove.  On the left are 2 deep drawers that look to be good for pots and pans of various types.  I have cast iron tin there now, most everything is being placed on a trial basis and subject to change.  Haven’t run out of room yet.  Need more stuff!I did mention shells.  These are stuffed with cheese and we sauced them with a sausage and ground beef mixture.Worked out nicely with enough leftovers to make today’s lunch.



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