Last Lunch – First Lunch

This is the last lunch we fixed and ate in the basement.  I made some kimchi because I always get some when at the Chinese buffet, muttering under my breath that I could do as well as they.  It’s good fresh and you can leave it out to ferment to your liking.  Refrigerate when it tastes right to you.
The potato salad is from the Kroger deli but the slaw/salad is something I made copycat style trying to replicate the Kroger version. It’s chopped cabbage with chopped cucumber and tomato in a buttermilk/mayo dressing. I put sweetener in because theirs is sweet. Add salt and pepper to taste. A splash of seasoned rice vinegar works well in these style dressings.  It’s good freshly made and it ages in the fridge well.Ta-Da!  I can’t claim that this is the first lunch we made in the new kitchen but it is the first one we sat at the island to eat.  I have a pair of rib-eyes going in the sous vide gizmo for dinner tonight. We’ll have asparagus and a small baked potato with it. I think I’ll steam the asparagus and then finish it in garlic and butter on the stove top. Love the new range, a six burner job. Wait till you see the griddle top I have coming for it! The  dishwasher is  very  quiet. Our old one was not – sounded like a train passing by some times.This entire wall was (intentionally left blank) left bare save for the video stuff.  The TV is hooked to the Dish satellite receiver and a mini PC.  It’s a smart-ish TV and it has its own ethernet connection so we can use the LG app for Youtube or watch it via a web browser.  The built in wi-fi is good but I prefer hard wired connections where I can get them.  I’ll fiddle with the cables to tidy that snarl, soon.  Promise!
We have pretty much got all the parts and pieces out of the garage and basement and loaded into a drawer or a cabinet. I’ve moved some of the stuff four or five times trying to find the most efficient places for them. I’m sure there will be additional adjustments.

2 thoughts on “Last Lunch – First Lunch

  1. That onion roll! I can replicate most American foods from my home down under, but that one confounds me. You didn’t bake it, did you?
    Thanks for the daily entertainment! New kitchen looks fab.


    • No, those were from Kroger. I think it is one of their premium house brand products – their Private Selection line. We’re slowly getting used to the new kitchen and enjoying it immensely. Thanks for dropping by!


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