Sunday night late I cleared the counters for the tile install, piling most of the stuff on the island.  I turned the lights out on my way to bed but forgot the under cabinet lights.  I took a picture.We went with plain tiles nearly the color of the painted walls.  The green rosettes are plastic spacers that help keep the tiles from shifting.  I don’t think they would fall off the wall but the grout gaps might close up some.They’re finishing up above the range hood.  They ran the tile right up to the ceiling.  They grouted between the tiles and cleaned it up pretty well and then left it there for the day.  They wanted to come back in the morning when everything was set before rubbing the shine back into the walls lest they move anything out of line.Having fun now!  I’m trying to season this stainless griddle and am making plenty of smoke.  It was a good trial run for the range hood.  The smoke alarm didn’t go off but there was a bit a haze in the kitchen so I opened the windows.  You think that’s a griddle?Now that’s a griddle!  It covers four burners, I fired them up but the burners weren’t drawing air very well and I fretted that I wouldn’t be able to use it but the burner grates all flip over accommodate round bottom woks and when turned over they elevated the griddle an extra inch or so and everything worked just fine.This has been a go to for us lately. The kimchi is growing on me, I think I need to buy another head of Napa cabbage to keep it going.Mmm… chicken noodle soup. I was called out for putting broccoli in there but I wasn’t having any of that.Gabe is tuckered out. We’ve had a kitchen full of people for a month and a half and he’s a nervous wreck. The kittehs are still hiding under the couch. The remodel is very nearly complete – there are a few handles still on order and then we will be settling up with the contractor.
We are pleased with their professionalism and are happy with the result.