Standing Rib Roast On The Wood Grill

When rib roasts were on sale at Christmas time, I bought two. I tossed the second one in the freezer and a couple weeks ago, pulled it out to thaw. I decided I had enough confidence with the wood grill that I dare cook the roast on it. It turned out amazing.

I use this Standing Rib Roast recipe (click here)

It came out with the perfect crust and juicy inside. I changed up a few things.

I cut way down on the rosemary, I find that flavor a bit overpowering. I upped the garlic, using nice roasted garlic granules I received as part of a Christmas gift from a custom spice shop.

At the forty-five minute mark, I sliced large Yukon Gold potatoes in half length-wise, rubbed them with olive oil, and roasted on the grill, cut-side down. These are now my favorite way to prepare them.

And because the grill holds heat so well, I turned off the grill with about fifteen minutes to go  (around the 100-degree mark) and let everything coast on the remaining heat.

As long as the weather is good, this will be my preferred roasting method going forward.